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Monday, 20 January 2014

I Guess I'll Start a Blog

I have seen a lot of movies. No, really... I have seen a lot of movies. And like many other film buffs and Netflix addicts, I have a lot of opinions about the films I see. After high school I decided that I needed an outlet, so I settled into a Film Studies program and scooped up a couple degrees. But as my studies come to a close, I realize I will no longer have a way to release all of these pent-up movie reviews. 

So... I guess I’ll start a blog.

My objective will be to channel my passion for thinking about movies into a collection of short reviews, 500 words or less. This will be a challenge for me since I generally have 5000 words or more to say about, well, anything really. 

I will be focusing on horror cinema, allowing this broad term to encompass everything that indulges in the abject. From 1980s slashers to the recent craze for 'found footage' paranormal flicks, these will be films that are meant to scare, thrill, and excite. I expect nothing but a good time. 

The first review will be coming soon so stay tuned!