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Saturday, 22 March 2014

A LITTLE BIT ZOMBIE (2012), A Little Bit Great

Falling somewhere between Peter Jackson’s Dead/Alive (AKA Braindead) and Ruben Fletcher’s Zombieland, this Zom-Com handles itself quite well. 

3.5 Stars

Parody is a sensitive art, too much and it’s all over. But these filmmakers are careful enough to cover all of their bases - slapstick, gore, drama, a girl-fight - without ever pushing any one motif over the edge. Pertinent to this formula is that it features all the appropriately comedic archetypes. And does it ever!

The Primary Cast:
The Snob/Bridezilla
The Cool Sarcastic Chick
The Big Doof
The Gentle Peacekeeper/Groom-to-be... and Zombie-to-be

The Secondary Cast, to Liven Things Up:
The Gun-Wielding Redneck
The Pretty Scientist

Moreover, we have a cabin in the woods setting. As the foursome heads out of town for one last weekend getaway before the big I Dos, it’s clear that they have all the fixings for fun. In fact, Bridezilla has it all in the itinerary, so what could go wrong? 

Zombie-Infected mosquitos. Yup. That’ll kill the party.. And then bring it back to life, moaning some nonsense that sounds like BRAAAAAIIIIINNNNS.

What’s fresh about this story is the process of “zombiefication”. Despite my lovely pun, the truth is that the mosquitos do not kill, they only infect. So, similar to the experience of the Mother in Dead/Alive, we get to watch Steve (the Gentle Peacekeeper and Groom-to-be) slowly change with very little awareness of what is happening to him. He’s pretty pale, and throws up every time he tries to eat, but the most alarming symptom is definitely the craving for brains. 

Hmm, maybe Bridezilla should not have brought that cute little Bunny to the party…

Lucky for Steve he is surrounded by people who love him and who are willing to put on a pair of hooker boots to trap his dinner: on the menu tonight, drunk biker perv. Mm mm good.

I won’t go so far as to call this film brilliant, but it is quite witty and definitely worth your time if you enjoy parody to any degree. Personally, I’m not a fan of slapstick humor, but this film pulls it off by using it sparingly. With only an 87 minute running time, A Little Bit Zombie does quite a bit narratively. For that, I say it’s a success. Plus, I dig the Army of Darkness reference in the poster.

Oh, stay tuned after the credits for fun post-plot-story pics and find out what became of sweet ol’ Steve.